Best Coil Springs for Jeep TJ, JK & XJ – Top Rated Coil Spring of 2020

Every jeep owner desires for a smooth ride, no matter how bumpy the roads are. The Jeep models have this USP of delivering a top-notch performance on all types of routes, be it hilly or rough. The suspension of any automobile is vital to provide a smooth driving experience. Coil springs are the parts of this suspension system for any vehicle. These coils are meant to absorb the shocks that are produced due to the motion of the car. As the jeep is the number one choice of the people that are into traveling and adventure, the coil springs for a vehicle are powerful, having more ability to provide with the shock absorbance.

A coil spring helps to maintain the force between the connecting parts of the vehicle. These coils are used in suspension for both the rear and front sides of the vehicle. Although all jeep models such as Wrangler, TJ, etc come with an excellent suspension system, it is good to be aware of the alternatives for the coil springs in the times of emergency. There are many reputed brands in the automobile industry that make the coil springs that are suitable for all jeep models and also match the performance of the original ones installed in it. If you are looking for replacing the spring coils of your jeep, then it is essential to buy the ones that are suitable for your model.

As there are many options available for the same, I have made a list of best coil springs for jeeps after researching and brainstorming all the available options. Let’s have a look at the top five alternatives for coil spring for jeeps.

Best Coil Springs for Jeep TJ, JK & XJ

1. Rubicon Express Coil Spring for Jeep XJ

1. Rubicon Express Coil Spring for Jeep

Rubicon Express tops the list when it comes to the wide range of options available for the different models of the jeep as well as other vehicles. You can search the coil spring suitable for your vehicle by entering the model name, year and other details. The coil springs are available easily online and have gained a lot of popularity due to their excellent performance. All the coil springs are tested for checking the load capacity to ensure that it is compatible with bearing increased load.

Key Features:

  • The coils are coated with powder silver coating to resist rust and corrosion.
  • All the coils are manufactured using high-strength material and advanced processes in the industry exclusively.
  • The lift height of the springs is 7.5 inches.
  • The coil springs are generally sold as pairs and can be mounted in the front of your vehicle.
  • This specific alternative can fits all the models from 1997 to 2006 of Jeep TJ Wrangler as well as the models from 1984 to 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee.


2. Moog Coil Spring for Jeep XJ

Moog Coil Spring for Jeep

One of the most trusted and bought coil spring among the people is this Moog Coil spring. It is the perfect option for replacing the old coils in your jeep. The coils are designed with a unique cutting edge design that delivers better and superior performance. It has added features such as new steering that is preferred by professional technicians for an excellent suspension system. Apart from jeep models, the coil spring is also suitable for other commercial vehicles. This coil spring is durable, safe and can bear more load as compared to the alternatives.

Key features:

  • Moog coil springs are made from high-strength material and are available for an extensive range of vehicles.
  • The coil springs are vinyl-coated that provides resistance against corrosion and also increases the longevity of the spring.
  • The springs are easy to install and aids in lowering the stress caused due to the shocks.
  • It is pre-tested for load capacity and also provides additional support to the vehicle.
  • The springs help in restoring the height to the original position during the ride.


3. ACDelco Professional Rear Coil Spring Set for Jeep TJ

3.ACDelco Professional Rear Coil Spring Set

ACDelco rear coil spring set is also one of the excellent options to consider for your Jeep. It contains cylindrical-shaped springs that are suitable for all the models. The springs are made from the high-quality steel wire, which acts as a perfect replacement coil spring for your car. The fit of the coil and its functions are up to the mark. It helps the vehicle in loading capacity and also reduces the risk of misalignment. The coil springs are readily available in the market online and are reasonably priced.

Key features:

  • The coil spring works efficiently with the suspension system to absorb the shocks produced due to the vertical motions of the wheels.
  • It can give 1.75 inches to 2 inches of lift to the Jeep models.
  • There are options for both front and rear applications available.
  • The coils work well and deliver exceptional performance for Jeep Wrangler, XJ and other models.
  • It is also able to withstand the pressure produced due to the motion of the Jeep created due to driving on uneven surfaces.


4. Rusty’s Lift Rear Coil Springs for Jeep TJ

Rusty’s Lift Rear Coil Springs

If you think any coil spring can work optimally with every type of vehicle, then my friend, you are misguided. The coil springs are needed to be tested and checked for the different models to ensure that it delivers desirable performance. Rusty spring coils are tested individually and tuned for giving the best on-road experience. With the experience of over 30 years, the brand has developed this coil spring with the help of computer-aided modeling. The built quality is worth the price it comes for and you can definitely invest in this product to replace the spring coil for your jeeps. The buyers have praised it off-road as well as on-road performance.

Key Features

  • The coil spring provides the vehicle with the three inches of rear lift.
  • It comes with a black powder coat finishing that adds to its longevity and also makes it durable.
  • The coil springs are pre-tested for load-carrying capacity and they can bear the large loads without affecting the performance.
  • This specific alternative of the spring coil is suitable for Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ.


5. Teraflex Coil Spring for Jeep TJ Wrangler

Teraflex Coil Spring for Jeep TJ Wrangler

The last option in this list is Teraflex Coil Spring. Like Rubicon Express, this brand also a wide range of coils for different models of Jeep as well as other vehicles. The coils are engineered to maintain a dynamic balance between the front and rear load bias. It assists the automobile with the optimum suspension travel for both on and off-road. The coils are also tested for rate tuning and load-bearing capacity. As the coil has a high number of active coils, it improves the overall performance and maintains consistency.

Key features:

  • The coils provide three inches of rear lift to Jeep TJ Wrangler.
  • All the Teraflex coil springs are powder coated for providing superior protection.
  • It is designed in a unique way to decrease the spring sag as well as fatigue, which aids in extending its life.
  • The coil springs come with a limited lifetime warranty for any defects or damage.
  • When clubbed together with shock absorbers, the coils help in both improving compression and vehicle stability.


Concluding Remarks

It is vital to replace the coil springs of your vehicle if it starts sagging or even it is worn out. The saggy coil can be a cause of premature tire wear as well as tire misalignment.

All the alternatives mentioned above have excellent on-road performance and improved load-bearing capacity. My recommendation out of this list would be Rubicon Express or ACDelco professional spring coils for jeep models. Make sure to check all the specifications and details of the coil spring before you buy it. Check the compatibility of the coil you choose with your vehicle. All of these coils are easy to install, yet you can watch some tutorials or read a blog for getting a proper guide to install it.

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