Best Coolant for Jeep Wrangler – Top Rated Engine Coolant of 2020

Anything in excess is harmful – and this is true for everything near you, including the heat produced in your Jeep’s engine. Yes, that’s caright! You must be aware of this fact the fuel on which our jeeps run is changed in the form of heat to keep the engine running. The entire mechanism of the engine depends upon the amount of heat produced by the fuel. And that’s the reason we use the fuel that has high energy so that they can give out more heat.

Although this heat keeps your Jeep moving, over-heating can damage your engine. Companies do use heat-resistant parts in the making, yet when the heat exceeds a certain limit, it can damage the parts of the coolant system as well. Hence to prevent this potential damage, coolant systems are used. These systems have coolant fluids or antifreeze that help in preventing the damage caused by the overheating of the engine. There are only a few coolants that qualify as the best coolant for jeep wrangler. Check out the options for the same below:

Best Coolant for Jeep Wrangler

1. Mopar 50/50 Premixed Coolant 


The first option on this list is this coolant from Mopar that is suitable for Jeep Wrangler JK ( 2007-2012) and Jeep Wrangler TJ ( 1996-2006). This coolant has impressed the jeep owners so far as it is designed for cooling down the engines and also preventing the freeze up. It fits the five year/150,000 miles formula as it is made with ethylene glycol-based coolant. The coolant also offers anti-boiling protection and is suitable for other vehicles such as sports motorcycles, trucks, etc.


  • The coolant can provide corrosion resistance to all the cooling system metals.
  • It meets all the criteria and standards of the automotive industry requirements for coolants.
  • This jeep wrangler coolant is formulated with special organic inhibitors that are derived from Organic Acid Technology (OAT).
  • It is an affordable coolant and has received positive reviews from almost 90% of its buyers.


  • The buyer needs to mix this coolant with an equal concentration of distilled water.


2. Zerex Phosphate Free Antifreeze


The second option on this list is this coolant from Valvoline. It is also an ethylene-based glycol coolant suitable for light trucks, passenger cars, and even heavy-duty vehicles. This coolant is formulated without using phosphates that give protection to all the parts of the cooling system. It has a lower pH and fewer silicates as compared to the other coolants available in the market. 


  • The coolant protects all the parts of the cooling system metals along with aluminum.
  • It also aids in preventing the corrosion of the cooling system parts.
  • Zerex antifreeze is ideal for both diesel as well as gasoline engines.
  • This engine coolant is formulated with deposit control additives that help in preventing the deposition of hard water salts.
  • As Zerex has a high quality of defoamer system, it doesn’t harm hoses, vehicle filters, etc.
  • It protects the engine from both summer boil over and winter freezing. 


  • This coolant also needs to be mixed with water in a concentration of 50/50 with distilled water manually.


3. PEAK PXAB53 Antifreeze Coolant


One of the most popular choices for coolants among the jeep owners is this coolant by Peak. If you don’t want to opt for the coolants that are required to be mix with water first, then this option is ideal for you. The unique feature of this coolant is that it can be topped off with any antifreeze color. The quality and the overall performance of this coolant makes it a great value for money jeep wrangler coolant.


  • This coolant can be used all the makes and models of automobiles.
  • It promises to deliver lifetime protection to the parts of the cooling system.
  • The coolant protects the system against rust as well as corrosion.
  • The antifreeze has passed all the industrial certifications and does what it claims.
  • It is ready to use, so you can follow the instructions and directly use this coolant for your cooling system.


  • Make sure to check the specifications of coolant, as this particular coolant comes in a generic yellow fluid that can be topped off with any other coolant.


4. Zerex Green 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze

Zerex Original

Another great variant form Zerex is this prediluted antifreeze that works well for Jeep wrangler, off-road trucks, sportbikes, heavy-duty vehicles and much more. This variant comes diluted with the deionized water to reduce the guessing work for the buyers. It also claims to deliver guaranteed performance for five years/150,000 miles. As it is formulated using inorganic additive technology (IDT), it provides overall protection to the system parts and also prevents boil over.


  • The coolant prevents corrosion and rusting of the system’s coolants.
  • This antifreeze protects the system even in the temperature as low as -34 degrees celsius.
  • It provides superior cooling protection for passenger cars, light-duty cars, etc.
  • This antifreeze is prediluted and ready-to-use, so one doesn’t need to add water manually.
  • Zerex coolant also protects against freeze in the winters.


  • There are no cons found for this product.


5. Mopar Fluid 68048953AB Antifreeze

Genuine Mopar

The last option on this is this variant by Mopar Fluids, which is a known brand when it comes to superior quality coolants. It is also an ethylene glycol-based coolant. Like other variants also one needs to mix this coolant with diluted water. It meets all the requirements and criteria for the automotive industries. 


  • The antifreeze gives protection against corrosion for all the metals of the cooling systems.
  • This coolant delivers performance for five year/100000 miles.
  • It is suitable for Jeep wrangler models, motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility vehicles, etc.


  • Some buyers received damaged products, so make sure to check with the reviews before buying it.
  • One needs to mix this coolant with distilled water in 50/50 concentration.


Concluding remarks

All the coolants, as mentioned above, work well for the Jeep Wrangler models. Most of these options can be used as a replacement for the factory-installed coolant system. Make sure to go through all the specifications of this coolant to opt for the right one. You can also take the help of your mechanic to buy the best-suited coolant for your model. Also, it is necessary to see if the coolant in your system can be topped off with the antifreeze you are planning to buy. 

If the coolant cannot be topped off with another antifreeze, then you will need to flush the existing coolant and then fill the system with a new one. I would recommend the third option, jeep wrangler coolant by Peak, as it is ready to use and also delivers the promised performance. And as it can be topped off with any coolant, it becomes easy for the users. Rest all options are also suitable for the jeep wrangler engines and I hope you find the appropriate option from this blog.

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