Best Steering Stabilizer for Jeep TJ – Top Steering Stabilizer of 2020

People who own SUVs or heavy vehicles often face the trouble of handling the steering while driving on rough roads or highways. This happens because of the heavyweight of the tires. Unlike the compact cars that can be managed and controlled properly on such roads, heavy vehicles often need a stabilizer to control the steering. The extra or weight of the vehicles needs to be balanced to improve the steering control. Many automobile companies install these stabilizers in their models to avoid such problems. However, it is always better to replace and install steering stabilizers as the options available for the same are better than the factory-installed ones. 

A lot of Jeep owners often search for steering stabilizers that can effectively reduce the vibrations and bump steering. There are many brands today that are into the making of premium quality and heavy-duty steering stabilizers for various Jeep models. In this article, we will specifically go through the options for the best steering stabilizer for Jeep TJ. Companies design their stabilizers to fit the cars. So if you have been ignoring the bumpy rides or wobbling of your steering, then this list will be helpful to find the steering stabilizer for your Jeep. Many options stated in this list are also compatible with other models of Jeep, Ford and heavy trucks.

Best Steering Stabilizer for Jeep TJ

1. Rough Country Steering Single Stabilizer 

Rough Country

Rough Country is one of the leading manufacturers for lift kits, coil springs and steering stabilizers for all Jeep models, trucks, SUVs, etc. This steering stabilizer kit is designed to avoid the bump steering. It also helps in reducing the front end vibrations while driving heavy vehicles. The steering stabilizer is different from all other ones available in the market as this stabilizer is installed where the vibrations are maximum, on the front end. Installing a steering stabilizer increases the life of other steering components and tires. It also works well for the vehicle running on the aftermarket tires. The stabilizer is also useful in reducing the wear and tear of the tie rod in the car. Apart from all the features, the price point of this stabilizer is also its USP. 

Key features:

  • The steering stabilizer is easy to install as it has a bolt-on installation process. The entire process of installation can be done with the home garage tools itself without needing any special equipments.
  • The stabilizer helps in improving the overall handling and control of the steering on rough roads.
  • It also aids in reducing the ball joint wear and tear, thus increasing its longevity.
  • The steering stabilizer is effective vibration damping for Jeep Wrangler TJ, YJ, XJ and other models.
  • The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty with this stabilizer kit.


2. Rancho Steering Stabilizer for Jeep TJ


The next stabilizer on this list is also an affordable alternative designed for the Jeep TJ models. These stabilizers are designed to enhance the overall performance of the vehicles as they are specially engineered for vehicles with heavy tires and wheels. The stabilizers have a 46 mm bore monotube construction, which makes it a perfect fit for SUVs, larger light trucks and other such vehicles. The design of the monotube aids in improving the heat dissipation over the twin-tube shocks. As the steering stabilizers are effective in damping the vibrations quickly, it is a good investment for the people owning such oversized vehicles. The stabilizers are also available for other car models as well, which you can check on their official site or the description.

Key features:

  • Rancho steering stabilizers are available in both single and dual configurations that can be installed with bracket kits for the vehicles without OE mounts.
  • The stabilizers help in reducing the wheel shimmy, vibrations and the bump steer that is common while driving the heavy vehicles.
  • All the stabilizers have a liquid metallic finish, which is long-lasting and also protects the oil seal and shock rod against corrosion, rust, etc.
  • It is suitable for improving the off-road experience as well as street performance for the heavy vehicles.
  • The manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty for all their steering stabilizers.


3. Teraflex Steering Stabilizer for Jeep TJ


The next option for getting the best steering stabilizer for Jeep TJ is this Teraflex steering stabilizer. Teraflex is also a reputed brand that is into the making of accessories and equipment for vehicles such as brake systems, leveling kits, suspension parts, lift kits and others. It is constructed to fit the factory bolt given on the Jeep models. This particular steering stabilizer works efficiently with modified suspension and large off-road tires. As it has a larger diameter shock tube, it performs better than the factory damper provided in the car. It aids in reducing the vibrations and wobbling of the steering for large vehicles. The stabilizer, along with the lift kit, can be beneficial to help in improving the overall performance of the car.

Key features:

  • The stabilizers have an ideal design and construction to reduce the bump steer while driving the vehicle.
  • It is also equipped with a dust shield that aids in protecting the shock rock from the damage caused due to sand or salts.
  • The steering stabilizers have optimized damping for both on and off-road driving.
  • The hardened and sturdy chrome rod aids the premium seal to prevent pressure loss.
  • Teraflex steering stabilizers are also easy to install and come with a fast adjust knob compression adjustments.


4. Skyjacker Replacement Steering Stabilizer Kit


Skyjacker offers a range of sports kits, leveling kits and suspension kits. The brand is known for its premium quality built and durability of the equipment. Steering stabilizers is one of their top seller product. This stabilizer is specially engineered for Jeep Wrangler TJ and YJ models. It can provide excellent stability to medium-sized trucks as well as large trucks. Installing this steering stabilizer makes sure that the steering doesn’t wobble or shake at higher speed levels while driving on highways.  A lot of Jeep TJ owners have replaced their factory-installed stabilizers with this one and are happy with its overall performance.

Key features:

  • The Skyjacker stabilizer helps in making sure that there is no problem with the suspension even at a higher speed.
  • The stabilizer dampens the vibrations quickly and also reduces the driver’s fatigue.
  • It is easy to install this stabilizer by following all the instructions in the manual.
  • The steering stabilizer is also useful in dampening the shimmy from the larger tires.
  • It is the best alternative for the factory stabilizers as it has more efficiency and functionality of controlling as handling the steering for heavy vehicles.


5. Monroe SC2928 Magnum Steering Damper


Are you struggling to find the best steering stabilizer for Jeep TJ in an affordable range? In that case, you can also opt for this stabilizer from the house of Monroe Magnum that has received several positive feedbacks and reviews for all its overall performance. It effectively works in reducing the vibrations to allow driving without any hassles. It has an excellent valving range on both compression and extension cycles of the unit. Overall, it gives good support to the steering unit and reduces the chances of wobbling or losing control over the steering while driving. 

Key features:

  • The steering stabilizers are designed to stop the effects of vibrations from reaching the driver.
  • It acts as a horizontal shock absorber and offers stability to the steering system.
  • As the stabilizer is equipped with special modifiers, it aids in reducing friction for making a smooth rod reaction. 
  • Monroe Magnum stabilizer has a better valving range than other alternatives, ensuring a smooth ride. 
  • This stabilizer has all-weather fluid that works fine in all seasons.


6. Fox Steering Stabilizer


Another option that you can consider for replacing your Jeep’s steering stabilizer is this one from Fox. It is tuned as per the vehicle’s requirements and is serviceable for extending its longevity. One can easily install this stabilizer with the help of mounting plates that are available in the market. The overall design of the stabilizer is such that the IFP separates oil and high-pressure nitrogen gas. Several Jeep TJ owners are happy with the overall performance as it reduces the wobbling and gives a firm grip over steering while driving. 

Key features:

  • This steering stabilizer is suitable for both 2WD and 4WD.
  • It also comes with all the necessary accessories such as reservoir clamps, washers, and nuts needed for the installation.
  • The steering stabilizer comes with a durable powder-coated alloy body that ensures its durability and reliability. 
  • It features teflon-lined heat-treated bearings along with a redundant sealing system to ensure lasting performance. 
  • The stabilizer comes with a one-year limited warranty that protects the steering from the defects and failures.


7. Explorer Pro Comp Steering Stabilizer for Jeep TJ


The last alternative to find an affordable and high-quality stabilizer is this steering stabilizer from the brand Pro Comp. The company is a trusted name in the automobile industry for its new technology equipment and its premium built. It is engineered to dampen the vibrations that are the driving factors for suspension component failure or fatigue. Stabilizers also improve the overall performance and ride on rough roads by increasing the control over steering. It has bolts to stocks mount with two eyelets. The affordable price of the alternative also makes it one of the bestsellers in steering stabilizers.

Key features:

  • The stabilizer is effective in reducing the bump steer problems that are generally caused by the oversized tires in trucks and SUVs.
  • It is also constructed to help in handling the steering with ease and improve the overall handling of it.
  • This steering stabilizer also aids in significantly reducing the wheel vibrations and increase the longevity of the tires.
  • It is a perfect fit for Wrangler TJ, Wrangler YJ, Wrangler TJ Unlimited and Cherokee XJ models.


Now that you have a range of options for replacing your steering stabilizer for Jeep TJ, it can be overwhelming to finalize the right one for your car. So to help you with selecting the right stabilizer for your 4WD, here is our buyer’s guide to knowing the parameters you should consider before making a final call.

Steering Stabilizers Buyer’s Guide

As a buyer, you should be thorough with all the product features and specifications to know if it is your perfect match. When it comes to steering stabilizers, consider the following parameters for getting one for your car: 

1) Type of Stabilizer: By now, you might be aware that there are two types of stabilizers: Single steering stabilizer and Dual steering stabilizer. You should opt for dual ones only if you have a vehicle with large tires. Other than that, single steering stabilizers work well cars with regular size wheels.

2) Quality of the Product: While checking the specifications, pay attention to its quality details such as the built of the stabilizer, materials used in its making, and other such key features. Opting for good metal or alloy body stabilizers last longer and are also worth the money.

3) Installation process: Always check out for the instructions on installation and what the company recommends. If you are going to do it by yourself, then this process should be easy and hassle-free. Having an idea about the installation helps you to understand the product better.

4) Price: One can’t ignore this parameter, and hence I would suggest you add filters for the price while searching by setting a maximum limit for the price you are willing to pay. Doing this will make your process easy and less time-consuming. Speaking of stabilizers, you can get a good quality one under your budget just as the first option by Rough Country.

5) Warranty: Try and choose the option that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty so that you can get the needed support for fixing the problems with the damper in the warranty period. It also helps you save some bucks, as some companies also replace the products if they are faulty or not working properly in the assured warranty period.

Concluding Remarks

Installing a sturdy and durable stabilizer for your Jeep TJ can help to enhance the overall performance of your car. It can also reduce the strain caused to the driver and helps in handling the steering well on highways or rough roads. Apart from the steering, it also increases the longevity of the other suspension components. All the advantages and functions of the steering stabilizer are beneficial in cutting down the maintenance cost. It also helps in reducing the chances of accidents. I hope this above-stated list helps you to choose a steering stabilizer that serves all your purpose. Also, do a little research about the brand, product and features before making the purchase.

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